Chai with Entrepreneurs with Rahul Singh of The Beer Cafe

1st Episode of “Chai with Entrepreneurs” happened with Rahul Singh, the face behind The Beer Café, India’s largest and most awarded Beer chain.

The Chat Show was conducted by Gurpreet Singh Tikku, the man behind “Chai with Entrepreneurs”

The Show was very Informative as well as entertaining and had great takeaways.

The key take away from this interview gave the audience lifetime lessons :-

1)   “If your life depends on it, you will do it”

After 5 failures Rahul Singh had to mortgage his own house & further borrow money, to make this present venture a Success. hence,

2)   “Failure is important and success is a consequence”

3)   “Thakna mana hai”

Being an entrepreneur , “Thakna Mana Hai”. He also strongly believes that any business model can be a mimicked, However the speed of its execution can’t! Hence, If u have a concept and you are very sure that  proof get to work! And DO remember “THAKNA MANA HAI” 🙂

4)   “Don’t make your passion a business, however your business passionate”

  Ironically, Beer is not Rahul’s passion. However, running a business around is definitely. Rahul’s passion is collecting Single Malts and biking. As told to us during the interview, He has the Largest Collection of Single Malts in India. Also,He has been on 4 trails across Scotland to collect single malts and has biked around 26,000 kms across India.

Demystifying Rahul singh!

  • Started as a textile engineer, Living in a servant quarters in Saket for Rs 800 per month with a salary of Rs.1500.
  • Worked as Corporate player earning crazy salary for 20 years
  • Ended up marrying his own boss and now she is the Boss Supreme 🙂
  • Has a created a  “Duck Effect” with the help of technology . Has seamless functioning and technology embedded at 17 platforms .
  • Social media to Rahul is a mirror which every consumer facing company should have. According to him “Beer & Social Media are both community assets!”
  • The employee retention ratio of The Beer Cafe is extremely good! It is because in The Beer Cafe no one is an employee & everyone is partner.
  • “The Partners” are also given health benefits by a specially designed program, which also covers the dependents.
  • His company’s Name is BTB Marketing Pvt. Ltd. where BTB means “Better Than Before” as his mantra is to compete with no one but with thy own self..

Intrigued much? Watch the complete episodes of Chai with Entrepreneurs on the links below and we promise you will be wiser after these encompassing 40 Minutes.  

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  1. Hi Gurpreet

    I am visiting your site for the first time. I must stay you have come up with an innovative concept to inspire everyone to come out their cozy lifestyle. Nice name. Whenever I see a successful individual, I always analyze his/her potential by the past efforts. We can’t learn so much from a polished product. The real learning comes from understanding the making of that product.
    I have watched the first part of this video only. Hats off to Rahul’s efforts. Leaving behind the Swiss lifestyle and living in servant’s quarter takes lots of guts. His family must be proud of him. In India, most of the people don’t give too much space to individuals. I have also met some people in my life who ask about my profession even after I tell them about myself in detail. They are not bothered about my work at all and treat it as a hobby. Now, I don’t pay attention to these innocent creatures.
    By listening such real life stories, there is a possibility of changing the mindset of individuals. Keep up the great work, buddy. Cheers 🙂

    • mkt

      Hi Yatin Bhai,
      Really glad that you liked the content on my site. Apna focus hi yeh hai to show the effort one has taken to reach. people get to know a “successfull” person after he succeeds. However uske picche kitne failures hai yeh koi nahi dekhta. And if we can inspire even one Entreprenuer to not give up, then samjho saari effort safal 🙂

      Rahul Sir’s story is very inspiring and we have kept Chai with Entrepreneurs as a casual Chat show so that one can relate to the content.

      And Dekho, log to kehte rahenge and believe me WORK speaks the loudest. it is these very people who would tell every one that how you are related to them. So, Karo wohi jo mann mein aaye, Baaki sab bhaarr mein jaaye 🙂

      Thanks again and keep guiding us with your Compliments and Comments 🙂
      Gurpreet Singh Tikku