Nand Di Hatti – Sadar Bazar

S1 EP07 (Zaika-E-Dilli) Established in 1940, when Nand Lal Ji migrated from Rawalpindi, Punjab, now in Pakistan, Nand di Hatti in Sadar Bazar is a historic culinary gem that continues to charm food lovers. This iconic eatery is famed for its unique and delightful offerings, especially its bhatura, which is not only perfectly fluffy but also ship-shaped—a visual and culinary treat.

A standout feature of Nand di Hatti’s fare is its inclusivity. The pickles, particularly the chili pickles, are specially prepared by boiling the chilies, ensuring all the spice is removed. This thoughtful touch makes the food enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their spice tolerance. Moreover, every dish is crafted without onion and garlic, adhering to Jain dietary principles.

Every visit to Nand di Hatti is a journey through time, where traditional flavors meet innovative cooking techniques. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this spot promises a delightful taste of history and tradition. 🌿✨ #NandDiHatti#SadarBazar#JainFood#HistoricEats#Foodie#DelhiEats#NoOnionNoGarlic#CulinaryGem

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