Lucknow Ke Mashhoor – Tunday Kababi

Lucknow aur Tundey Kabab aksar ek saans mein bole jaate hai.

Though Lucknow is also much more than Nawab and Kabab, Par Kabab ka role nakara nahi ja sakta.

I will not tell you the story ki yeh Tundey Naam kaise parra and yeh Bana kaise.

I will just tell you ki kya khaana hai and what to take care of.

*Go to the Old Outlet of Aminabad. Usme feel hai, Energy hai

* The restaurant opens at 12. 11:30 se bharne lag jaata hai

*Restaurant ke 2 Levels hai. Niche waale mein Ghutan zyada hai

* Uppar waale mein bhi ghutan hai so try to sit around Pankha

*Order the Tundey Kabab and Ulte Tawe ka Parantha for sure. Maza aa jayega.

*Pyaaz Chutney ka kam upyog karein, Pyaaz Chutney Kabab ke flavour ko daba dete hai

*Biryani is avoidable here

* Try going in Cab ya dost ki car. Waise saath mein Parking area hai Barra sa

* Avoid the Kheer here. Rather khaane ke baad walk 2 mins to Prakash ki Kulfi. My top 5 Kulfi’s mein se ek hai jee yeh.

* Kabab ki photo bahar aakar le, Andar ki light bahut Dull hai

*Thums-Up enhances the flavour of Tundey Kababs 😃

Aur kuch poochna chahenge?

Your Views?

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