Keyboard becomes Teacher

What does your Keyboard Teach you


Keyboard becomes Teacher Leanirng

The Idea of this TOPIC came to my mind last year when a College had sent me an invite to address its students. However, within 5 days they cancelled the event.

I had already written parts of it and bas aaj while searching for some file I reached the PENDING BLOGS file and found this.

Thought to remove the Dust, Polish it a bit and present it to you  🙂
Hope this shall benefit you in some small way.

Enter Key

  • Enter: Sometimes we keep looking at the door and imagine the world inside it, whereas we should actually get inside it and see what’s in store, is it what we think really worth it or are we living in a fool’s paradise. The Best Way to learn is by doing and to do, you must enter into the arena, break the closed doors.


  • Delete: In every human’s life there are few instances which do not bring happy memories. It could be Failure, Death or Betrayal. One should delete the bad part of it and move ahead and should not keep looking back. If one does want to look back and it, then it should only be with a smile, Because of Good Moments Spent together or because of Lessons Learnt due to it.

caps Lock

  • Caps Lock: When to raise your voice. Voice modulation: One cannot always talk in the same tone to everyone. Rather even when one is talking to only on person he should modulate his voice depending on the words spoken and on the Feelings shared. This helps in emphasizing a point you want to make.


  • Escape: Some moments in life are to be tackled and in some one needs to simply move out. It could be because you realise you are wrong, or also sometimes it’s not worth the effort. So escaping from it is the best option. And in today’s would of Trolls in Social media, one should use the escape route more often. As it is said, when you fight with a Pig, You think that you are winning, but the Pig is actually enjoying it. So deny the right of enjoyment to the Pig and just ESCAPE

Ctrl s

  • Ctrl-S – Save Option: As we focus on Delete option, one should not forget to Save the good Part. Save your Beautiful moments by way of Photos. Thankfully today we all keep a camera in our pocket. Or save them by writing short blogs, Short Observations. And believe me, when you see it after a few years, it would give you enough reasons to keep smiling.

Ctrl N

  • Ctrl-N : While I talk about Saving them, I should also Talk about CREATING them. Like in the Keyboard we have an option CTRL-N which is creating new File.

ctrl alt del

  • CTRl-ALT-DEL : Life has its own ways. Some please us, some does not. However, As by using CTL-ALT-DEL you can restart your Computer that has stopped working aise hi in your life when you feel you have reached a dead end or its not moving then simply Log out and Log in and lead a new life.

Do share ki aapko kaisa laga in your comments and do share with your friends. They may “Thank you” forever for this 🙂

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