Yaar, Been on mind to write down my HIGHLIGHTS of the day and share. Pata nahi kab tak chalta hai, Koshish karte hai 😊


Highlights of 25 August 2022

– [ ] While walking casually in Worldmark Aerocity I saw they have metal Plaques on the floor. One said Passion in 14 Languages, One Smile, One Care and so on. Accha laga. Sirf saamne na Dekho, Uppar bhi niche bhi dekho


– [ ] While coming back from Aerocity, My iPhone said that my iPods have been left behind. I got worried as Apple jhooth nahi bolta 😀. Baad mein realised pocket mein hi parre hai. Notification isliye aaya kyuki Battery khatam ho gayi thi hence my phone was not able to track the iPods


– [ ] Aaj Social mein menu surf karte hu saw Irani Omelette. Dekha Mann kiya and order kiya. Maza hi aa gaya jee. Barra sa Thick Masala Omeltte covered  in Buttered Sweet bun. Jaldi wapas jaunga

 It’s a complete Delicious meal for Rs 195 


– [ ] Booked my Ticket for Jaipur for this weekend. Looking forward to Eat and Meet In Jaipur 😊


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