Free Food at Airport

We were going to Zurich. Flight Delhi to Frankfurt Lufthansa ki thi aur Frankfurt se Zurich Swiss Air ki.

Layover kaafi kam tha. 90 mins.

Delhi to Frankfurt ki Delhi flight late chali and late bhi pahunchi. We knew we were running late, so we deboarded the plan and ran to clear the Immigration and security check to reach our Counter to board the next flight.

Par bhaagne ka fayda nahi hau, and we missed the connecting flight. We were 3 passengers from a group of 40, and all missed the flight.

Ab next flight was 3 hours later. The Lufthansa team gave us new Boarding passes within 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, we received an SMS that we can show our Boarding passes and collect F&B worth Rs. 15 euros from any of the 25 Outlets mentioned in the SMS.

Bas yehi kiya, We Explored the Airport, USed the Vouchers, Ate, Drank(& Spilled) Hot Chocolate.

Save this Reel as this has all the details so that next time you miss a connecting Flight of Lufthansa then aapko bhaga dauri na karni parre and you enjoy the Layover 🙂

I believe that the Protocol would be followed for all Lufthansa Flights for all Airports, Specifically in Germany.

Have you ever missed your Connecting Flight? 🙂

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