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Over the past 5 years, I have eaten at many Farzi Cafes and that too more than 20 times and at various Outlets in various Cities and Countries. Every experience is a Delight and we were expecting nothing less when we visited them at Aerocity Restaurant in March, just a week before Lockdown. Officially, Its still our last meal at a Restaurant in past 5 Months 🙂

One can easily say they have the best location in Aerocity and also it is beautiful Inside out.

Lunch ka time tha, 5-6 tables were occupied inside.

@neha.bahl jee & Nitish Jha Bhai were also there. 😊

Unke saath Gappe maarte hue Khane ka swaad aur bhi barr gaya 😊

Though I am not averse to having Daaru during lunch. Breakfast mein bhi good hai. Par aaj Khaana Khaane aaye the hum so ordered an Italian Smooch and a Strawberry lemonade for us.

Khaane mein I love Gupta burger of Farzi Cafe and woh to order hona hi tha. Also Dahi puchka Chaat.

Gupta burger was a Pure Desi Type burger and came with Home Fried wafers that made the Desi Experience Complete. 

Uske baad to bas Swad ka Silsila chalta gaya and Jaiselmeri Dal pakwaan aur Shredded Chicken Dhokla table par aa gaya 🙂

This Farzi Cafe is a Franchise outlet of Farzi Cafe & owned by @vanand28 Bhai 😊

You will love Funny Posters on the first floor and that shall make you smile wide. 😊

Dal Pakwaan is not easily available in Delhi isliye mann kar gaya and it was great. Par I was amazed to See, Feel & Taste the Shredded Chicken Dhokla. Apne aap mein super Unique Dish and kehna paregga “Su Chhe” 🙂

In Main Course, we had Kerala Chicken Biryani jiski presentation mast thi. Looked like an Inverted Oil Funnel and jab khula to andar se Biryani was on the plate inviting us to relish it 🙂

The meal ended with super mast Parle Cheese Cake and Rasmalai tres leches 🙂

Both of them I have relished before and har baari phir khaane ka mann karta hai. I ensure ki every small crumb is wiped clean from the plate 🙂

Farzi Cafe is open for Dine-In Now, 


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