When I (Gurpreet Singh Tikku) thought of this idea, I shared it with a few of my friends and made them ask me some questions. The questions were mailed to me and I spent some time thinking about them and answered them in a way I thought right. This thought process proved useful and helped me get my Priorities right and the concept is shaped accordingly. Sharing it here so that if you too had any query then it gets answered here. 🙂

  • Explain what is MisterTikku.com?
    • MisterTikku.com is a vehicle for me to share my Experiences in Food, Travel & Lifestyle. I have been doing this earlier through my blog www.GurpreetSinghTikku.com.  However that contained my personal life stories too. So, this one is more focused and has an organized approach. Though the values and writing style would remain the same 🙂


  • What will you write in MisterTikku.com?
    • I will Write about my first Love i.e. Food and also about Travelling, Lifestyle or any other Experience that I go through and find worth sharing. I’m No Expert in any of these and don’t claim to be 🙂


  • What is the motive behind it?
    • Writing and sharing my Experiences gives me happiness. I penned down some time back that “He is Great, who can imagine and create” And this is my way to create something. Writing something gives me a sense of Achievement and to me that is an asset created which shall remain here long after I may have gone. I repeat, motive is Happiness!


  • Are you an Expert in things that you do?
    • Not at all and I never claim to be one. I’m a Normal person like anyone else. I may not know the difference between Ajwain and Jeera (Though I know) or between Queen Bed and King Bed, But I know the difference between Good and Bad and that is only what I intend to do. Share MY Experience 🙂


  • What made you start it
    • Been writing for a while and every Blog, Write-up was loved by my friends, Family and Acquaintances. Rather I made many friends because of what I wrote. It was good to see people making their Dining, Travelling Decisions based on my Reviews and then sharing the feedback that my views were right. And it was based on feedback of my friends that I thought to create this separate blog. Have to say that I had been pestered to do this for past 2 years, but it was only now that I felt the real need and also it is know that I have enough time to dedicate myself to this initiative.


  • Have you done any Similar work before?


  • How would the readers gain from this blog?
    • They get to know reviews of the place before hand. They don’t read it as if they are reading a newspaper. I write my complete Experience and not just about food, Stay etc. I’m like them, a Person who wants a good time with family and more bangs for the buck. So probably they would be able to relate to it.


  • How do you make Money from this?
    • The Intention is to write and Share not to make Money. Money is Secondary here. If it comes, welcome… if it does not then too this initiative continues. Have to mention that Money would have no influence on My Frequency, My Sincerity, My Thoughts & Style of writing.


  • Would you Charge Money for visiting the places you write about?
    • At Some places we shall spend from our Pocket at some places we may Review the food for free and for some places we may charge for visiting. All the three parameters are based on our Willingness to go to that place, Time at our hand, Our Relations with someone in the chair and also if we can afford it.


  • Can the reader rely on your views?
    • We are focusing more on sharing our Experience. However, the reader will not get even one reason to not rely on it. Sometimes we also see that a Place is doing some great work and we write accordingly. But then on our subsequent visits we may see the Satisfaction level being lowered. In that case we would let the blog remain on the site, but “Add an Edit”, mentioning our unsatisfactory Repeat Experience in short.


  • How would you promote this Blog?
    • I would want this to be a subtle exercise. And definitely do not want to force the Blog on my friends. Separate handles have been created for FB Page, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter etc and we shall post each blog on them. I would probably share just one or 2 blogs a week on my timeline so that people are aware. We would not create any FB group as the intention is not to create huge engagement amongst readers.


  • Too many bloggers have emerged in past 2 years. Do you think there is space for more?
    • The Blogging had started almost a decade back if not more. And as you too mentioned and agree that it has started taking shape only in the past 2 years. I have been in this indirectly for the past 3+ years and have seen it grow and go through various transformations. A Lot of churning has happened and will continue for a long time. I believe that this is a Huge field and one cannot put number to how many worthy people can fit in. So, YES, I feel that there is space for many more Bloggers to Come, Express and multiply this manifold. 


  • Why the name MisterTikku?
    • As I mentioned earlier, this is about My Expressions, My Experiences hence the name. I was hesitant Initially when it was suggested by  a friend and approved by others. Totally not comfortable with this. But when friends insisted and I kept Brain storming on it I realised that this  is indeed a suitable name.


  • What makes your Blog Interesting?
    • I just try to be myself while writing and try to be agenda less. Probably that has and will hit the chord of the reader.  This is something I need to keep going back & ask people who read my blogs and act accordingly 🙂


  • Are you open to any kind of Collaborations?
    • If this adds a smile to your face as well as mine, then why not. 🙂


  • Do you Charge for Reviews?
    • If someone is willing to pay for my Time and Travel, Then I don’t mind but let this not be big factor.


  • How does someone connect with you?


If you have any other question that you think others may also want to ask, then please [email protected] and we shall add it here along with the answer 🙂