Eh babey da mandar hai, Sab kuch isde Andar hai

Hello Jee,

If you are working, then your Home was a place where you used to spend at least 11 hours of your life earlier.

Covid ne kuch logo ke liye woh 16 hours kar diya and for some, even 24 Hours.

Par baat iss time COVID ki nahi ho rahi. Baat yeh ho rahi hai ki kya aapka Makaan Ghar bana? Is your House a Home or just a building?

My Jhaiji used to say looking at our home “Eh baabey da mandar hai sab kuch isde andar hai” Your Home is your first Temple, treat it with Love, Care & Respect that you give to a temple. And dekhna aapki Zindagi kaise aur khushnuma ho jaati hai.

I wrote a few Kahaniya of my Old Ghar and also new ones & how I believe that Ghar (Deewaron) ke sirf Kaan hi nahi hote, Usme Jaan bhi hoti hai 🙂

I experienced one of the most beautiful moments of my life this Tuesday where I saw and captured Saccha pyaar of a Kulfi-wala when he fed a kulfi to a Dog.

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Issue 13 | September 19, 2020

Eh babey da mandar hai, Sab kuch isde Andar hai

Log kehte hai ki Dewaaro ke bhi Kaan hote hai lekin hum kehte hai sirf Kaan hi nahi, Deewaron aur Ghar mein jaan bhi hoti hai. And this is the time when we need to look at our House, be Thankful and give it the love it deserves. I’m happy to have written this, Surely one of my top 10 Blogs. Parrna, Accha lagega.

Reel nahi Real Khushi

Gurleen had gone to give her CFP ka Exam and I was waiting in the Car and meri gaari ke aage ek Kulfi ki rehri khari thi. Tabhi I saw Kulfi wale Bhaiya waving a Kulfi at someone, I looked back to see he was communicating with a Dog. Dog bhi bhaagte hue aaya and relished the Ice-Cream acche se. Was lucky enough to capture and share. Happy to share ki that Video has spread 1,61,000 smiles already

Mehnat Kar le Bande, mehnat ka Phal Milega

Mehnat hum sab karte hai. Kisi ki mehnat ko zyada kadar milti hai & Kisi ko kam. Last week while standing in my Balcony, I noticed how a Bhaiya was loading the bricks to be taken to the 2nd floor. He was not carrying 8 or 10 or 12 Bricks on his head but 16. Just made me say a silent prayer for him and ek gaane ki yeh lines yaad aa gayi. “Mehnat kar le Bande, mehnat ka Phal milega”. Hum sab par laagu hoti hai yeh lines

Server Nahi Star Series

We all have beautiful memories at restaurants/Dhabas/Kiosks. Though it’s the team that makes it beautiful, par humse jo Interact karte hai woh hote hai Waiters/Servers. I’m collecting my self-clicked Pics of Such Servers and calling it #ServersNahiStarsSeries. Search this on Instagram. Dekhiyega, Muskuraiyega

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