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Gadre’s – Fresh, Tasty Seafood in your Home

Our evening visit to “Cafe Public Connection” was unlike most of the evenings my friend and I hang out together. Even though we were going to add another flower to our bouquet of experiences, this time it wasn’t about a full-fledged

10 virtues of a Foodie

Today on Dusshera Day everything we talk about is Good, Evil, Ram ,Ravan. And when we talk of Ravan we talk about Intelligence, Kingdom, Power, and also his 10 heads.   Illustration/ Amit Bandre So, when 10 is the flavour

KinBuk2 ki woh shaam!

1 March 2015 We went to a Foodie Get together at a newly opened restaurant in Connaught Place, new Delhi named Kinbuk2.   It was an evening with awesome Food, Great friends and Amazing AMbience. So as soon as I