Whiz Cafe, A place to EAT ,DRINK, WORK & ….

Normally I write a Blog within 3-4 days of my Visit to a place.

However this one has taken 10 days now.

Uska reason btata hu.

This place is Two-in-one.

This place Whiz Cafe is a Beautiful cafe as well as a Huge Coworking space with 200 Seats to wok Plus a 70 Seater Auditorium plus 80 Comfy Seats all across the campus to Ideate, Create, work or just Relax.

Last month I was crossing Cinepolis Savitri Wala in GK and crossed this Beautiful place called Whiz Cafe and it looked very inviting!

Ab “Connecting the dots” waali kahani to apne saath regularly hi hoti and it again came to Light when I got a call from Whiz Cafe a day later.

Ab Jhatt se haan bol di and they extended the Invitation to my team too. Ab is’se accha kya ho sakta hai.

So jee, Subah Swere hokar teyarr, hum pahunch gaye Whiz Cafe ke Dwaar.

Pehli baat to yeh hai that as soon as you enter the cafe, it cuts you from bahar ki Shor Sharabbe waali Duniya & immerses you in its Beautiful Hues, Comfortable Seating & Bakery waali mast khushbu.

Wahaan par we met Ambika jee and Gundeep Bhai who represent Cafe Whiz and their CoWorking space Whizdom Club.

Shuruaat to Handshake waale Hello se hui and Bye Bye Phir Milenge waali Jhappi Se!

So Whiz Cafe is a Cafe that is part of the same property as Whizdom Co-working, however can be accessed by anyone, and jo aap parrne waale ho uske baad to aap zaroor jaana chahoge 🙂

Shuruaat hui with “Carrot & Orange Soup”. Ab before I could take a Sip, the Smiling nature of our Server Bhaiya and the Double Barrel waale Glass ne mera Dil pehle hi jeet liya tha.

Every Sip of the soup was a Delight in January ki Mast thand.

Ab then let me tell you my favourites. Loved the Vietnamese Roll, Spinach & Confir Tomato Risotto , Savoury Coffle & Chicken Sandwich. Every bite of the above Dishes were a Delight. Bas If I had to change one thing, I would have wanted by Sandwich Bread to be a Bit Soft. However, I had a similar Sandwich in Bangkok earlier this month, so I understand that it is supposed to be like this. However, you can always request for a Softer bread, if you are like me 🙂

Ab desserts ki baat karte hai.
Let me stand up and say loudly ki is se accha Banoffee Pie Maine aaj tak nahi khaya. One more reason of it being so Good was that it also had some Roasted Nuts that took the texture and taste to the next level.

Also the Tiramisu was outstanding.

Waise they have an array of Coffee/teas/Shakes/Smoothies and Mocktails too. Par iss baar my focus was only on food 🙂

Then also got a glimpse of their Huge Co-working Space and mann kiya ki yehi se kaam kar lo.

And that’s exactly what we did.

Team to saath thi hi and we requested them for a space for 2 Hours and they smilingly obliged.

And let me tell you wahaan mahaul aisa tha ki humne 3 Ghante ka kaam 2 mein kiya while sipping the amazing Hot Chocolate they served along with Marsh Mallows.

It was hard for us to leave, par we did, only with a promise to be back soon.

Do visit Cafe Whiz, Chahe Specially hi jaana parre. Rates are reasonable.
Waise I would go there soon, for a Date 😉

Mister Tikku Loved it!

Find out more about Whiz Cafe here!

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