Application to Visit Canada

Dear Kaneda (Oh yes, that’s how I thought your name is Pronounced),

How are you?
I am fine and hope you are also sailing in the same boat.

This letter of mine is to share with you how much I want to visit you and why. 

In India it is said “Bulawa aate hai tabhi jaana hota hai” (You can’t visit a place until it calls you).

So here I am formally submitting my Application so that you can call me for a visit.

Please find below some of the reasons I want to Visit Canada and some of the places I would like to visit. 

  • Quebec – *The First City I want to visit is Quebec. I am a big fan of Maple Syrup and I know 90% of it is Produced in Quebec. I would Visit the Restaurant Le Relais des Pins & relish Maple ham in their large dining room while I listen to musicians playing traditional folk music. Post a hearty meal I would tour the premises to learn more about the making of maple syrup. Here is my Blog on my love for Maple Syrup written in March 2016
  • Ontario – Canada has more lakes than the rest of the World’s Lakes combined. Hence I would love to visit some lakes, Sit by the side, Have a meal, Read a Book and maybe sleep there on the grass. And then probably indulge in some water sports too. And yes one Lake I would like to visit for sure shall be Lake Superior, The largest of North America’s Great Lakes. Infact, I have read that it’s so big that there are actually countries that are smaller than it. Would love to drive around and probably also Hike to enjoy the cliffs, canyons, waterfalls and wildlife surrounding the lake.
  • Manor in Guelph – I would also like to Visit Manor in Guelph, Ontario. Probably the only night club in the world that is also a Church on Sundays
  • Hawaiian Pizza – I know many Friends who don’t like Pineapple on their Pizza. But I do, Yes I love them and I know that the Hawaiian Pizza was Invented in Canada. So shall go and try it at multiple places in Canada. 
  • Doughnuts/TimBits – I am a big fan of Doughnuts. However my research also tells me that Canada consumes the most doughnuts and also has the most Doughnut Shops per Capita in the world. One on the top of my list is to eat at Tim Hortons. 

We Indians face Language problems when we visit even Asian Countries like China, Thailand, Malaysia, Etc. However, I am happy to know that 98% of Canadians can speak both English & French and in some areas good Punjabi too. English and Punjabi I already know and now working on my French too. “je t’aime Canada”. See I am learning 🙂

  • We all talk about the world being a Global village. However We hardly are able to follow it. But Look at you My Friend, Your name itself means Village
  • Spreading Happiness & Positivity is what I believe in. Rather some of my friends call me “Chef of Happiness” And one thing that really makes me smile from ear to ear is that the Police Department in Canada gives out “Positive Tickets” when they see people doing something positive. Waah Canada Waah! Can we, i.e., Tourists also get one? 🙂

Rather I had started spreading Positivity with regards to Canada by making 30 Plus proclaim “Canada for Glowing Hearts”

  • I have heard a lot about Northern lights and I have been told no country better than Canada to Experience it. So one of my top places to visit in Canada shall be Whitehorse, Yukon.
  • Stories are what I love, both creating or hearing.  My focus in Canada will be to create stories and share it with my Family on Social media and through my talks. However, a few stories I would like to hear are from Punjabis from India who travelled to Canada in early 1960’s & 70’s to settle in Canada & hear what made them come here and how things have been for them now. Shall also observe how their GrandChildren who in spite of being born & brought in Canada have kept their Punjabiyat closer. And yes, for sure I will Visit the Gurdwara Sahibs as and when I can. 
  • Old Town Lunenburg, shall be one of the Towns I would like to visit in Nova Scotia because of its Rich Architecture. Yes, it being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site gives me one more reason to visit it. 🙂
  • Though I have spotted Koalas in Hongkong, However, I have never seen Polar Bears. Canada provides me the opportunity to see them in their habitat in Churchill in Manitoba. I am already excited thinking of that Moment 🙂 

So yes one more of the umpteen reasons that I want to visit Canada for.

  •  The first time I read about Canada in school was because of Niagara Falls. So, how can I miss visiting Niagara Falls when I am in Canada. My research tells me that the view from Canadian Side is better than from the USA Side and the Horseshoe Falls can only be viewed from the Canada Side. 

Dear Kaneda, by now you would know that my love for CANADA is as Pure as your Maple Syrup

I can add 51 More reasons to visit Canada in the application, but then allow me to share them with you when I visit you and then we shall sing together..  

“O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all of us command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free”

Your Views?

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