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Gurpreet Singh Tikku is the reason the Site is named so

Gurpreet Singh Tikku or GST as known to many, is an Ardent Amrita Singh Fan from the day he watched Movie Betaab, Loves to Eat, Meet, Greet and Smile and ensures that everyone who meets him leaves with a smile too. He loves to share his experiences, that are not only informative but a great read too. Earlier the Experiences were shared at www.gurpreetsinghtikku.com which still remains but have shifted his Experiences related to Food, Travel and Lifestyle to the new blog.

He is a Caring Son, a Loving Husband, A Proud father and a “Yaaro ka Yaar”.
His Signature Good Bye is “Keep Smiling, Keep Climbing” and he wishes the same for you too.

He can be contacted at

[email protected]

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