Chandigarh – The Changing Food Scene


Think of Chandigarh and you think of wide roads, organised service lanes, Beautiful roundabouts and similar looking commercial complexes.

Think of Chandigarh and you think of a place where anyone who has to do anything in Punjab or Haryana has to go to seek licenses.

Think of Chandigarh and you think of setting up your retirement home there, like thousands have already done.

These have been constant since the time Chandigarh came into being in late fifties

In the earlier days, there were only a few Restaurants and most of them had become landmarks for Chandigarh. They were Aroma, Kwality, Gaylord, Mehfil, Gazal, HotMillions & Chopsticks. Some of them have closed down and some have emerged in their new Avatar.

On my part I want a 24*7 Multi Cuisine Food Court like AROMA in Delhi too 🙂

One of the Earlier Hot Millions Restaurant in Sec-17, Chandigarh

One of the Earlier Hot Millions Restaurant in Sec-17, Chandigarh

However, one change that I see in the city currently is its hunger for new Food Joints and thankfully the new age restaurateurs are already gearing up to satisfy this hunger.



We had a hearty meal at the BREW ESTATE and loved our entire experience there. Everything there seems to have a soul and Life indeed seems to be Brewtiful when you dine there

Already New Age Restaurateurs Sehaj Sidhu and Vipul Dua have proved that Chandigarh is ready for the Food Revolution as you can see their creations Brew Estate and Peddlers always filled with smiling faces.


Peddlers Under Brew Estate.

Peddlers have 3 outlets in Chandigarh and one in Sector 26, Madhya Marg is just below Sidhu’s Brew Estate. They have a common kitchen and a common entrance too. This outlet is a sign of things to come where competitors shall join hands and become partners.



Soon to be opened Brewery “Kingdom of Beer”

You walk a few steps from Brew Estate and you see a Huge Board with a beautiful entrance of yet to be opened “Kingdom of Beers”.  The restaurant is ready and they are just awaiting their liquor Licence.

Brew Estate is a Brewery; Kingdom of Beers is a Brewery and the upcoming FLYP by MTV is a Brewery too.


FLYP by MTV – Under Construction

After creating a sensation with FLYP by MTV in CP, Delhi, the team is opening the second one in Chandigarh and then also heard that Pune FLYP is under construction too. Personally, I love the creations by Chef Ranveer Brar @ FLYP.

On the very same Madhya Marg, which shall now very soon (if not already) be called the Food Mile of Chandigarh is opening the Famous Great Kebab Factory and yes, they are also coming up with a brewery.


We thought to ask the Master Brewer – Ishan Grover on this Trend of Breweries in Chandigarh and he says “Microbrewery Trend is catching up in Chandigarh exactly like Gurgaon. For Owners it makes lots of sense, RoI is High, It’s a new Concept which has proved it’s longevity and consistent growth in business over the years”

This month we shall also see the opening of BoomBox cafe, a brand that already has a few restaurants in Delhi.  The tastefully done restaurant is in Sector 9D and has ample parking space for its guests.


Signage of BoomBox, Chandigarh. Lounge is in the basement of this Building


It is not just the Lounges/Cafes that are looking towards Chandigarh. The city that already had QSR’s like McDonalds, KFC now also have Burger King and Taco Bell has also opened shop recently. I was also happy to see Gurgaon based brand Tossin Pizza in Chandigarh. Tossin Pizza is a 2 year old brand and after winning hearts in Gurgaon is also open at 2 locations in Delhi now.



Tossin Pizzas’s Outlet in Chandigarh.

We talked to Rohit Narang, Founder of Tossin Pizza and this is what he had to say

At Tossin Pizzas, we always wanted to make it a brand which makes all kinds of people try the most exotic and tasty pizzas! After our initial run in Gurgaon and then Delhi, we wanted to move to other demographics to find new audiences to try the pizzas and be sure if we are a “pizza place for all”!

Thank God its Friday aka TGI Friday’s was a craze when it opened its first Delhi outlet in Priya Cinema Complex in Vasant vihar Delhi. I still love it and was there at Metropolitan Mall, Gurgaon outlet last week. For the brand it’s been a long road since then.


Newly opened Taco Bell next to Burger King and McDonalds

However, it was a pleasant surprise to see a brand new outlet of theirs in Chandigarh. They for sure have new plans up their sleeves and opening one in Chandigarh signals that they have done their homework well.

Riyaaz Amlani is amongst one of the most recognised restaurateurs in the country today & his Brain Child Social is getting ready for Chandigarh too. It may be ready in 2-3 months, however shall surely rewrite the rules as it has done in cities.

Sachin Bhatnagar, a Chandigarh based Entrepreneur and an avid Foodie says “Over the past 3 years, we’ve seen an exponential rise in the number of Upmarket and often experimental restaurants that have opened here. The good thing is that most of these outlets have worked and though the demand for butter chicken is still exponentially more than risotto, the trend is rapidly changing. People have started experimenting with flavours. As foodies; we’re really excited about 2017”.

With so much enthusiasm from Restaurant owners as well as from Chandigarh residents we are sure that Restaurant Wave in Chandigarh has just started and in days to come we may see many more Brands and Your Restaurateurs joining the wave and adding their bit in spreading smiles through Food 🙂