Dramebaaz Evening At Drama Upside Down Bar – Rajouri Garden

 “Door Door Jab bhi kisi ka party ka scene hota hai, log kehte hai mat bana, Mister Tikku event le kar Aata hi hoga”

 Mister Tikku

Here’s once again we came up with lots of Dramebaazi in Drama Upside Down Bar in Rajouri Garden. We thought not to make it as simple as ticket window. Hence, we draft it like open invitation for all the members who are associated with Mister Tikku.  But we haven’t imagined that we have come so far in the journey of spreading smiles and our members are growing every moment.

It became so hard to choose among all the lovely members, so we decided to pick those Dramebaaz who are frequent attendees of Mister Tikku events.

And that’s how we started rolling..

Sab Kuch Ulta Phulta


In the hustle bustle of various restaurants & café in Rajouri Garden, Drama managed to fit in with such a unique, interesting and quirky concept. The way theme of Drama has been executed into reality reminds me the days of childhood where I used to live in the world of fascination ki yaar sab kuch Ulta Phulta hota to? I don’t know if owners of the Drama were passing by and heard this (Just Saying).

But apart from the facts, they really made us curious to know about Drama where everybody in Rajouri Garden has their unique and theme based restaurants. Bravo.


Just a trick – If you click an image of any particular stuff, believe me that you would definitely look cute while twisting your own cell phone even after knowing every bit of it (We are like this). Bahut Kuch hai dekhne ko whether its book shelves, lamps, even the aquarium are all upside down J You gonna look like a kid seeing the world from different angle, trust us.

What did I saw?


I mean wait a moment? Is that actual racing Ferrari hanging on wall. Is somebody gonna answer ya mai khayali pulaav bana loon?  Yes Sir! This is a real F1 Ferrari just to add some more drama in your visit and on the track of Upside Down Drama.

Let me take a selfie


Every single time you do drama for having no perfect space for selfies. They heard you silently. Now each level has selfie point to make your Facebook timeline dramatic.

Dramatic Food & Drinks

 This rail has no Shah Rukh Khan to do Chaiya Chaiya on but has Agni Path Murgi with amazing taste.

Meanwhile delicious Chilli Chicken was arrived on our platform with chilies, hot peppers and it was a delight to have in mouth from the moment I took first bite.

Then we got Retweet from Twitter Tangadi which came as three chicken legs in blue & white marinade and it was simply expressive. It was too juicy to handle. This is an amazing addition to their menu from its taste to presentation. I would definitely recommend one to order this if destiny drops you at Drama.

We would like to thank the man behind every amazingly cooked dish with pure heart and taste – Mr. Akshay Nayyar.


Cocktails and Mocktails like Paan Mojito, Aam Panna, Angry Drama was perfectly prepared to make us Upside Down. And the presentation of the drinks was equally astounding. The glasses of the drinks had drama itself, like they are too artistic in looks.

Had enough, let’s dance now!

Main Sharabi

You’ve got wide space to groove on! We had amazing dancers who wanted to cover 1 acre for their unique steps (It was a joke) and they did it successfully (It was half-done there).

And the biggest Dramebaaz of the party goes to..

I won

Members were told to do something which makes them real Dramebaaz of the party and we are glad to announce the name who won the title of greatest dramebaaz ever – Mr. Vikrant Pawa,  he bought himself a warning sign as you can see in the picture.

He might be giving us warning that nobody can steal the title of Dramebaaz from him.  Yes indeed, nobody can dare to do that. You earned it 🙂

Every level has next level

It has four levels and each level has its own essence. The first and second level is DRAMA CAFE and third level is Melodrama. Melodrama is blend of fine dine and lounge feel wherein fourth floor is Melodrama Terrace.

Here is the glimpse of every dramebaaz out there:-

Drama Upside Down

3 most beautiful ladies on earth

1 more 3 most beautiful ladies on earth 4th one was out Balle Balle on every track beautiful Buddies candid Couple Drama Dramebaaz Ek din F1Yoyoyou dance I danceyesWowwoahWinnerWhts upwho is holding whomwho is hewho gonna eat firstwhen drama giveswhatWalahtu hai tothis aint open micthe real swaggerthats how we rollthat was seriously nothingSwagstrangeSpotSpot the guysmilingSmileshe was looking at meShare the jokeSerious talksselfie cant be missPresenting youParty Loversoye hoye is arghhOwnersokayohh teriOh yeahhhoh teriNachan doMessageLovelylets get one step closerladies in the houseLadieslet me checklet us poselets danceJust Punjabi'sI wonhow's ithere comes the group cum familyHelloshellohe is the actualHave a siphatt jao saareHappy PawaHappy FacesbeautifulBuddiescandidCoupleDramaDramebaazEk dinBalle Balle on every track4th one was outRajouri Garden

Gifts for our members 🙂

Have you got in your sizes lol


it aint less than any world cup

Jaldi hi aayenge ek aur bada event le kar 🙂