A Night To Remember With Mister Tikku At Spotlight, Rajouri Garden

Blush Lights, Satisfying sound and a floor to jump on. Clueless? Read on.

Spotlight Bistro Bar


The Trick

Rajouri Garden

After a master stroke in Junkyard Cafe we thought not to leave West Delhi’s street until we won’t groove again on amazing tracks. There were sheer voice coming like Abhi Na Jao Chhod Ke, Ke Abhi Dil Bhara Nahi, and destiny dropped us to Spotlight, Rajouri Garden. Things were never planned, it’s all about destiny.

That’s How We Started Rolling

Spotlight Bistro Bar

From the moment we pull out our chair to sit on, staff started serving amazing food. From mouthwatering Cheese Stuffed Chillies to Gilafi Seekh Kebab, Spotlight does do it damn well, every time. The staff of the bar was really courteous.

Let It Flow


For occasion like this when you wish to have drinks with one whom you met somewhere in previous event, it enhances your gastronomical treat. Some kickass mocktails and cocktails stole the show. If there were beer buddies then mojito girls were right there to show some real dance skills.


Rajouri Garden Party

After being so bored on pop music, DJ scratched his CD to feed some real zest in crowd by playing this mega hit – Oh meri Juma, Oh meri Jaaneman, Bahar Nikal..Aaj Juma hai. And it became total bollywood session since then (real mess it was). It was more of like jam session.

There was a time

Sheesha HookahSheesha

For the sheesha lovers, there are oodles of variety in terms of flavours and it was the other reason of chilling out all through the party.

It was something in environment which drove us crazy and the vibe lift us to decide let the drinks and sheesha do the talking. Madness was overloaded and the time we had with amazing peeps will never fade away.

Here are some of the memories which always remain in our heart and on Mister Tikku portal. Find out what you were doing after being so high: P

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MocktailsRajouri Garden SG9_5191SG9_5211

We would love to have all of you again in our next event. Thanks for making it lively. 🙂